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Victory Motorcycles Celebrates its 15th Anniversary

15 Years Young & Just Getting Started: Victory Motorcycles Celebrates its 15th Anniversary on the Fourth of July 2013


On the Fourth of July, Victory Motorcycles celebrates its 15th anniversary and rolls into the next 15 years with a bold, exciting, future ahead.

On the day the United States of America celebrated its 222nd anniversary, Victory Motorcycles was “born” when the first production Victory motorcycle was built.  15 years ago the road-ready history of Victory motorcycles started on the Fourth of July 1998, the day the first production-quality Victory was built.

Prior to the nation’s birthday that year, a handful of pre-production prototypes had been assembled at the Spirit Lake, Iowa, factory that housed the new Victory assembly line. Full-scale production was scheduled to begin in July 1998, but a group of employees came up with the idea: Let’s build No. 1 on the Fourth of July so the nation’s birthday becomes Victory’s birthday.

Chuck Crone, who was the Spirit Lake Plant Manager in 1998, recalled: “We were scheduled to start Victory production in early July, and maybe about three to four weeks ahead of that, I was in a staff meeting and I said ‘why don’t we build it on the Fourth of July?’ They all looked at me like I was crazy, but by the end of the day, I’ll bet I had 10 guys who had said, ‘yeah, let’s build it on the Fourth.’”

The special birthday for the brand was a point of pride for Victory team members who had worked long and hard to bring the bike to production.

As we celebrate Victory’s 15th anniversary, we glance back at 15 great years of riding, making history, brand growth, making new friends, converting new riders, and meeting fellow Victory riders in places like Daytona, Sturgis, London and Milan – and on the world’s best roads.

For 15 years, Victory has been an aggressive, dynamic force in the world of motorcycling – a newcomer who earned respect with outstanding performance, industry leading quality and distinctive style.

For 15 years, we’ve done it “The Victory Way” and have developed the world’s best line-up of cruisers, baggers and touring models. These are all bikes that truly could only have come from Victory.

“While enjoying an anniversary toast, we also look ahead to the unlimited potential of our exciting future. Yes, it’s been an incredible first 15 years, but wait until you see what we’ve got planned for the years ahead.  The next 15 years will be great - We’ll ride more than ever and bring more riders to this brand than ever before.” Commented UK Sales and Marketing Manager Lee Frankish “We’ll meet our riders at the rallies, demo events, biker cafes, and on the open road - In fact, let’s get started by celebrating the Victory way: Let’s ride.”

Happy 15th Anniversary to all Victory riders and to Victory.


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Ø  Photo caption - A Victory 15th Anniversary Cross Country Tour Limited Edition and Victory No. 1, a V92C, at the assembly line in Spirit Lake, Iowa.

About Victory Motorcycles

Victory Motorcycles designs, engineers, manufactures and markets a full line of cruisers, baggers and touring motorcycles. Every Victory model delivers industry-leading performance, comfort, style, storage and reliability. The first Victory was produced on the Fourth of July, 1998, in Spirit Lake, Iowa, where every Victory motorcycle continues to be produced today. Information about Victory motorcycles, apparel and accessories is available at www.victorymotorcycles.co.uk